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Young people working together with a horse for the anti-bullying youth program

Anti-Bullying & Youth Programs

Acquiring an Armor of Skills to prepare for whatever life throws at you!

Teachers that deliver results!

The horse has unique characteristics which can contribute to a distinct human-animal interaction and is one of the many contributing benefits to an individual’s wellbeing. The horse is a teacher, a motivator, and a source of strength and calmness.

It has been proven that the more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new skills will be retained. Therefore, in order to boost memory retention, we make sure that everyone is involved and engaged to fully understand how to apply this new knowledge to everyday situations.

Young people working together with a horse for the anti-bullying youth program

The proven benefits

  • Physical Wellbeing

  • Boundary Setting

  • Confidence

  • Self-Esteem

  • Leadership & Assurance

  • Perception & Emotion 

  • Judgment

  • Communication

  • Developing Healthy Relationships

And so much more!​

What is the goal?

This gives the youths an opportunity to pull from the constraints of everyday life while they build strong solid skills working with the horses. Supported by an experienced, certified, and knowledgeable team, the goal is to expose young people to an exceptional experience and create an unforgettable benchmark, which they can use when faced with life choices. This program will equip them with strong skills that will stay with them as this unique learning experience will have a positive effect and a lasting impact.

Bullying is a painful subject, but it needs to be addressed. We, as a society need to prepare and educate our young people not to become victims or aggressors and to understand the repercussions of their actions. Our youth curriculum programs range between 8 to 12 sessions at 1 session per week. Participants receive a personal journal which allows the effectiveness of the course but also to track the advancements of each youth.

Childen with a horse for the anti-bullying youth program

Custom designed

Each exercise is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as they work through each fun interactive group challenge.

Teams will work to:

  • develop relationships;

  • accept responsibility and accountability;

  • overcome barriers to find change;

  • be encouraged to be creative and innovative;

  • find opportunity in working together;

  • realize the benefits associated with the effective communication;

  • recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity.

All while having a blast!

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