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Family working together for the family deployment program

Family Deployment Program

Coping with Deployment Stress by building a solid family foundation!

Let us help you make your family ''Deployment Strong'' by letting the horses guide you and your loved ones through this exceptional experience!

Family Team Building

Behind every soldier, there is a family who stands with them, supports them and loves them... This ''Family Team Building'' experience will serve to create a bond where everyone has a voice and can express their fears and anxiety regarding family member(s) being deployed and then facilitating a smooth and supportive transition when they come back.

Our family greatly influences who we are and who we become. Family means having someone to love you unconditionally and supporting one another. Taking into consideration that sometimes, that same meaning revolves around different structures, it is not always easy to maintain balance and a solid foundation if an important member of the clan is away for an extended period.

Adjustments need to be made, bonds will be tested, communication must be optimal, EVERYONE must have a voice.

Family working together with a horse for the family deployment program

8 week / two-part program

Usually divided in two parts, over an 8-week period of 1 session per week. The program starts 4 weeks before deployment in order to solidify the Family as a team, working together and having everyone’s contribution aimed at the well-being of the unit.​

Sessions then resume for another 4 weeks upon the return of the loved one(s) so that everyone can readjust, voice their emotions and recenter as a family. Again, the sessions can be scheduled to accommodate the time requirements and/or the needs of any member of the family.

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