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Business man working with horse for the leadership development program

Leadership Development Program

We provide a unique and highly effective opportunity for the participants to build their solid and authentic leadership skills.

Our horses’ special ability will provide you with an eye-opening view of how your leadership skills will measure up. Horses can teach us valuable lessons about successful leadership… why?

  • By nature, horses seek out Leadership.

  • They are looking for trustworthy, confident leaders. In the wild, it is for them a matter of life and death.

  • They cannot overthink a participant’s motive.

  • Feedback is honest and offered instantly.

Our experienced coaches guide participants in interpreting their horse’s responses and assist in examining how to apply an individual’s leadership style to an office environment.

How we adapt and build our 2 day workshop


  • Assess your organizational goals.

  • Define your needs.

  • Identify candidates for the leadership roles.

We take it from there:

  • Understand your requirements.

  • Behavioral Assessment of each participant.

  • Adapt our building blocks to meet your objectives.

Building Blocks for Leadership Development

It all starts with “Understanding your Employee” and then we build on...

Building Blocks for Leadership Development
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