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Horse on a rope balancing itself for the profesionnal balance program

Professional Balance

What makes your work meaningful & satisfying?
Do what you Love... Love what you do!

Specially designed for Health Workers, Teachers and First Responders who are feeling overwhelmed, especially in these times of change and uncertainty.


This program is focused on helping you remember why you chose to do what you do. Although it is mainly aimed at those souls who dedicate themselves to helping others, it is of course accessible to anyone wishing to find a balance between their personal and professional life.

Taking care of others

Your Professional Life is based on taking care of others… seeing THEM through difficult times or teaching them basics skills that will help them prepare for what life has in store for them!

  • You get people through the hard times because you are a Nurse, a Doctor, a PSW or a Paramedic…

  • You help through your uniform as a Firefighter, an EMT, a Police Officer or a Soldier…

  • You Listen, You Care, You Teach because you chose to be a Professor, a Teacher, a Social Worker or a Coach…

But WHO takes care of YOU?!

Do you remember WHY you chose to do what you do?!

How do YOU stay grounded, balanced?  How do you keep this fire alive of wanting to help others? In forgetting to take care of yourself, odds are you will eventually begin to wonder why, especially in occupations where there is not enough recognition and thank you’s!

Life from balance, family, future and career
Happy women with a horse for the professional balance program

Be content of every step you take towards your goals and don’t stop until you are so proud of YOURSELF that you can feel the outside praise is just a nice BONUS.

What is the goal?

People who are proud of themselves tend to have a great passion for life, feel content and grateful, and are excellent at motivating others. Being proud of yourself is just another way of saying you have a strong sense of self-worth.

This program will help you prevent or come back from a Professional Burnout by gaining clarity, emotional & mental control, live in the moment, lift your self-esteem, recenter yourself and refocus your energy, improve your quality of life, find balance, learn new life-skills and so much more…

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