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People working together with their horse for the team building program

Team Building

Develop leadership skills for effective teamwork through the silent communication of the horses...

The use of horses greatly increases the retention of knowledge and creates memories. This unique experience will leave its mark on your employees and will remain an unforgettable reference.

Unique experience

Our unique experiential learning method combined with a personalized behavioral assessment of each participant will get the outcome your company is looking for. Our objectively driven programs build trust, collaboration and communication in a fun and engaging atmosphere! Your organization will see results immediately.

Get YOUR team out of the office and build the strong skills needed for added value and success. Your organization is unique, shouldn't your events be too?

One of our teacher, a horse

Horses because...

  • They… have no preconceived ideas about who people are… you can be the CEO or the Intern, they cannot see the difference.

  • They… pick up on contradictory information between actions and intentions. Although it can be hard for employees to articulate their thoughts if something does not make sense, horses will!

  • They… do not care about office politics, therefore they will highlight inconsistency instantly and honestly.

Our method because...

Irrefutable Results

A fun day that provides strong skills for your team! All programs are customized to fit your team and ensure you are getting the specific results that you want and need! Improve Camaraderie, Teamwork and enforce your company vision.

Fun and Hands-On

Your learning experience is paralleled back to everyday life at the office. All senses and learning styles are stimulated and matched with the behavioral assessment results which ensures an optimal learning experience.

Collaborative vs. Competitive

Many team events are based on competition, but don’t you want your teams to work TOGETHER like a well-oiled machine? If you can understand how to communicate with one another effectively, your team can be unstoppable!

People and horses having fun
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