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Working with Horses to improve People's Lives!

Authentik Wellness Ranch is a partner in Personal & Professional Growth through a Skills Development Program

  • No prior horse experience necessary

  • No riding

  • Participants partner with the horses from the ground

Our Programs

Our programs are based on the researched and proven success of The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning’s Building Block ™ curriculum.

Young people learning from a horse for the anti-bullying youth program

Anti-Bullying & Youth Programs

Acquiring an Armor of Skills to prepare for whatever life throws at you!

couple with a horse for the family deployment program

Family Deployment

Coping with Deployment Stress by building a solid family foundation.

horse balancing on a rope for the professional balance

Professional Balance

What makes your work meaningful & satisfying?  Do what you Love... Love what you do!


Family Herd

Have you heard? We have a brand new Family Herd Series that is the ultimate family outing!

happy women with a horse for the authentic you women's workshop

Authentic You!

Women's Workshop

Be True, Be Authentic, Be YOU!

People working together with horses for the team building program



Develop leadership skills for effective teamwork through the silent communication of the horses.

Business Man with a horse for the leardership development program

Leadership Development

Unique and highly effective opportunity to build solid and authentic leadership skills.

Childen with a horse for the anti-bullying youth program

Did you know about our sponsored community wellness program?

Are you a local businesses that wants to make a difference in their community by helping our youth? 


Learn more on how you can change a youth's life by giving them access to our Equine Assisted Learning & zootherapy Youth Workshops.



Did you know that we also have special workshops?


These Workshops are not part of the regular program and are offered for a limited time only.


Don't miss out on a unique experience and reserve your spot now.

The horse feels what is in your head,

responds to what is in your heart

and connects with your soul!

Our Team

All Authentik Wellness Ranch facilitators are certified by Equine Connection International and accredited by The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning.

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