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Woman with her teacher Zorro the horse for the Authentic You Women's Workshop program

Authentic You

Womens workshops

Discover what gives your life meaning... be TRUE, be AUTHENTIC, be YOU!

Find passion and balance in your life, join a group of like-minded women on an empowering journey, learning to move forward with courage, joy and authenticity.

Logo for the Authentic You Womens Workshops Program

Become the best version of yourself

As women, some of us are constantly in fear of being judged. Horses are incapable of judgment. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist, and we can just be ourselves! They do not care about our clothes, your weight, your spiritual or political beliefs, or where you come from.

You are UNIQUE, the Horses only care about being in the moment with YOU! Real, sustainable change comes only when you discover the answers yourself. Our retreats give you the guidance and support to find your own self-truths.

If you are brave enough to really “listen” to their feedback, horses help you become the best version of your unique and wonderful self!

Authentic You Women's workshop group

What your retreat includes

  • Small, Safe and Supportive group environment

  • Hands on sessions with our magnificent horses

  • Communication, self-awareness and empowerment activities

  • Hay Breaks & Catered Lunches

  • Your “guide to success’’ journal and gifts

  • Memorable version of “quality time’’ with yourself & your horse

  • 2 days of fun, networking and unforgettable learning!

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